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Mercedes-Benz combines luxury with performance and quiet confidence.

The elegant curves, the precise attention to detail, the beauty of Mercedes-Benz is in the design.


Lamborghinis are known for their tremendous performance capabilities and exotic styling.

Roar in to the sunset with head-turning looks and neck-snapping takeoffs.


Bentley offers a compelling blend of old-world British charm mixed with modern luxury tech and performance courtesy of its owner, the Volkswagen Group. What this means in practice is that Bentleys look, drive, and smell like Bentleys—right down to their genteel sportiness, sumptuous leather interiors, and gorgeous wood inlays.

Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce makes some of the world’s most luxurious cars. Known for producing hand-crafted automobiles that promise a seamless “magical carpet ride” for its customers. An icon like no other. A motor car that stands alone.

Experts in Luxury

Imperial Exotic Cars is Northern NJ’s first premiere luxury rental showroom. Imperial Exotics is known as the celebrities’ favorite in the NY/NJ Tri-state area. We are more than just a luxury car rental company; we have built a 360-degree lifestyle offering dictated by the needs and wants of our members.

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