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Imperial Memberships

Want to be part of our Imperial Family? Our membership program gives you access to one of the largest exotic car collections in the Tristate area for a discounted rate. You will have access to a vast selection of unique and exotic vehicles. Why waste your money buying one exotic vehicle just to lose half of its value in depreciation alone? Our program allows you to enjoy a multitude of vehicles without worrying about a depreciating asset.

See below for our Membership levels: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Gold Membership

Experience convenience with our Gold Membership.

$25K credit towards our Economy Fleet.
Exclusive availability & 15% off rental deposits.

$15,000/year or $2,083/month

Platinum Membership

Experience luxury with our Platinum Membership.

$50K credit towards Economy & Luxury Fleets.
Exclusive availability & 25% off rental deposits.

$35,000/year or $4,166/month

Diamond Membership

Experience freedom with our Diamond Membership.

$80K credit towards Economy, Luxury & Exotic Fleets.
Exclusive availability & 50% off rental deposits.

$65,000/year or $6,667/month